Image of "Sun" painting by Edvard Munch

This is a painting of the Norwegian famous painter Edward Munch and it covers everything concerning light and color that I am looking for. The connection with the Universe and the Sun that brings us all we need to keep us alive, and the shining light of the Sun makes us see our world in colours. Can you imagine a world in black and grey ?

Colour Energy

Those two the Sun and the Colours are all we need to survive in this world. Because we are only at the beginning to find out who we are, and I can tell you that the most interesting development for the Human Race is ahead of us.



What is Light?

Only in our darkest time in our life we experiences how little we understand of light, and out of the visual darkness we understand how much the light do to us.

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What is Colour?

Colours has a kind of magical power, it sends waves into our consciousness and leave us a feeling of fullness. And this fullness is a form of energy you can manage after your own need for more energy.

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What is Colour Intelligence?

The essence of understanding what personal energy is, lies in your understanding of yourself, as an intelligent being. Our system of Colour Intelligence, builds on 7 different levels of intelligence.

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Because they both belong to the Colour World, the same do we as Humans also, we are built of the same material called life. The world need people now who want to learn, not just what colours are, and what they can do for us, but how we can use the resources that come from the colours we make inside ourselves.
Remember we are a self-developing race. That is why we need conscious people who have one leg in the science world and one in the Spiritual world. We need to move forward!

Welcome to our World of Colour!

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