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The picture tells very much about our Colour Philosophy. It tells us that we shall not think so much about ourselves, but learn to cooperate with all kind of humans and nature. Because one human can never manage to cover everything that life is about, alone. I have experienced that myself and I hope to get contact with more colourful persons when we get more information out in the world about: What Colours really can help us with. Colours are not only there to make us understand ourselves, but to understand everything that is living. We are connected to everything in the nature and everything in the nature is us, we live of each other and belong to each other. So if you are interested in yourself, other humans and all the life that is our family, then you can contact us here.

Do you wish to get in contact with our administration and other questions about the future, go to:

Colour Energy World will present a new website this summer, where we will go deeper into the science of: What we as humans are meant to be. We have to take it seriously that we have responsibilities to the LIFE it selves.

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