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Colour Energy AS was founded in Norway in 1990 by Inger Naess. Initially, the company started to produce Colour Bath®, and an introductory booklet on the theory about the connection between the colours, the influence of the Colour Bath and the person who wanted to bath in one of the colours. It was this triolgy that made a synergy of frequencies that Inger called Colour Energy. At that time, Inger was alone in the concept development as the way she looked at colour and understood them, was not common knowledge in Norway and other parts of the world.
The Colour Energy® concept in Norway grew fast and Inger published her first book “Colour Energy” and continued to develop more information about colours through intermediary studies and other written materials . But she needed to learn more about colours and was seeking new knowledge; at which time she found an Aura camera in England that took pictures of the human aura.
I had already learned that people reacted through their feelings and thoughts to more than just one colour system. And through the interaction with people and the Aura photo system, were I had to interpret to a language of their own energy system, I had the best training I could have gotten.
The different human characteristics from the pictures, and my collaboration with Tony Cooper and his work and experience about human energy and alchemy, lay the foundation for more knowledge about what Colour Energy was. This made me start to work with more products that had to do with emotions and feeling of the colours.
And that “something” which Tony had made in a chemical process between reality and unreality matched our theory about equating frequencies and colours. What we taught them in our workshops and studies, in order to understand what colour to use, is that they had to know themselves.
Because everything that is connected to something needs to have the same energy and frequencies before it can become pure energy. We must actually understand that we are made to create energy ourselves and then get in contact with energies we can get nourishment and energy from.
During the same period, I also started a 3 year colour school program, but at the end of the first year I understood that I would have to change my system. I had to take a respite and decide what to do next. It was during this time that I decided to convert the school concept into a correspondence school and make it an even better educational program.
So Colour Energy continued with both products and the development of the colour philosophy. But by the end of the 1999, the Norwegian factories that produced most of the same kind of products we had, were shut down. And then we had a new problem finding a factory in Europe that we could manage.
While I worked on the project the the education concept, my son Nicolai had started Colour Energy Corp, in Vancouver, Canada and sold the products I started with and now he told me he could manage to handle my production of the Brand name Colour Energy also in Canada.
That was a good idea and it was also something which actually contributed to the increase in distribution of Colour Energy products in Canada/Americas.
Being relieved of the production problem in Norway gave me time to further develop my colour philosophy and I published a new book about colours and 2 new studies both in Norwegian and English. But the activity in both companies led us both to understand that we for the future needed more educational material and products in a joint sales effort. We had to move further out in the world.
And at the same time the digital system conquered the world fast and efficient. So to follow the trend I started to transfer the studies to a WEB based educational platform under the name COLOUR ENERGY EDUCATION.COM
So what we present here in Colour Energy International.com is a joint venture from Colour Energy Corp. that produce the products we sell in Colour Energy Shop.com and Colour Energy World A/S who has created the educational concept, deliver the Colour Energy Education.com.
Education about Colours is important, without knowing WHO WE ARE, we cannot develop ourselves. We can not make the right choices either, and most of the choices we take, are daily. Consequently the choice of the energy we use will be crucial to how we develop everything in our body, our mind and our actions.
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